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Let’s get to the good stuff: our ice cream! We at Polly’s Peddlers pride ourselves on giving you the best quality, real dairy ice cream. Our carefully sourced producer New Forest Ice Cream has whipped up some simply scrumptious, multi-award-winning ice creams in all kinds of delicious flavours. 

 Our premium scoop service gives you the option of having four flavours, chosen by you, from our extensive ice cream menu. We happily cater for vegan and gluten-free customers by offering a refreshingly fruity selection of sorbets.


Not tempting enough? Whether it's a sprinkle of colour or a drizzle of sweetness you desire, our inviting toppings table offers you that delectable extra touch for your special event.   


If you have a particular ice cream/ice lolly brand you want to serve your guests then just let us know and we can source to your taste.

Ice Cream Cones
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